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Check this out!!!!

Tiger Haven has been coming under attack from their neighbors. The neighbors have decided they do not want Tiger Haven to be there any more and have started a petition to have Tiger Haven closed. There is nowhere for these big cats to go so Tiger Haven has started a petition of names stating they want Tiger Haven to stay open. Please take a moment of time to go sign Tiger Haven's petition. It can be found on their website or via this link: http://www.tigerhav en.org/petition. htm
Thank you so much for your help.

New Ghost Film

Looks interesting. I do not like gore... Hope this is more horror.
Is only opening in a few cities tho. Austin is one!!


Paranormal State

They finally debunked something last night! I was impressed! I thought they were all true believers. Discuss. ;)

Ghost Adventures

Does anyone here watch this show? It's on the Travel Channel on Friday night. It's the one where they lock 3 guys in a location.
Just wondering what people think of it...

Feb. 1st, 2009

Hi! My name is Geemo and by day I'm an HVAC engineer.

As some of you may know FLIR is a company that makes infrared thermal imaging cameras for commercial and industrial applications. These cameras have been used by groups like TAPS and GHI to investigate temperature fluctuations and heat sources.

Recently I attended a huge A/C and refrigeration expo in Chicago and FLIR had a booth there. After playing with some of their demo models for a few moments, I got up the courage to ask the guy at the exhibit if anyone had asked about them about ghost hunting. I was surprised to learn that not only has it become a fairly frequent question he gets asked, but that he had already been approached by some people at the show that day who wanted to know which camera models were most ideal for paranormal research! The salesman at the expo went on to tell me that just a few weeks ago he was contacted by a gentleman who wanted to rent a camera from them because he was convinced he had found Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest.

While FLIR does not endorse or sponsor any ghost hunting groups, they do offer camera rental and used camera purchasing services as well as basic advice on how to get the most out of your camera. Thermal imaging cameras are also available through Grainger, MSC Direct and other retailers that sell diagnostic tools. New units can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $30,000 depending on the bells and whistles you want.

K2 Meter

My K2 meter came in! I can't wait to try it out!!

Overbrook Asylum

This place was on Ghost Adventurers the other week. Although this was "an unnamed hospital in Northern NJ," I knew it was Overbrook from growing up there. It was a pretty cool place. Very huge! However, I would advise against going there yourselves, as the police coverage is pretty thick in the area.


Ft. McKavett

I would have posted this sooner, but I got quite a cold on my investigation and I am just getting over it.
On the 15th, I went with Ipequey and Cashew to Ft. McKavett to do our ghost investigation. We all met up at the fort with our group and another one from Austin. We made dinner and got our equipment together. We split the group into 3 teams and I was head of team B. The investigation had some good results. Nothing captured on film, but some EVP evidence and the like.
We walked all about the fort and even ventured to the grave yard. We wrapped up around 2:30, as it was about 20 outside and bitter cold.
On a down note, I did not get my K2 in time for this one, so I hope to have it on the next.
Lou and I got together and wrote our report on Saturday.

EVP Work

This weekend I am traveling out to Fort McKavett with ipequey and cashewlou and our SGPI team for an investigation.


I just wrote up my EVP questions and I am going to try something new - doing a session in German. As a lot at the fort may have been from Germany or have been German settlers, This may prove to work well.

Has anyone done a non-English EVP session?


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